About Us

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
where knowledge is free.
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.
Where words come out from the depth of truth,
where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection.
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
into the dreary desert sand of dead habit.
Where the mind is led forward by thee
into ever-widening thought and action.
In to that heaven of freedom, my father,
Let my country awake!”
― Rabindranath Tagore,
Gitanjali: Song Offerings


Tagore Center will be a complex on a 14 acre land of hope and harmony in Southwest Houston. With its emphasis on education embracing diversity and convergence of knowledge, the complex will house an Early Education Development Center and an Adult Education Center. It will also include a Visual Arts Center, a Performing Arts center and Open Air Auditorium, an Art Gallery and Fairgrounds. Its focus will to bring awareness and implement the inspirational global vision and ideals of Rabindranath Tagore with regard to art, literature, philosophy, education, global socialization, understanding of diversity and empowerment to a broader international audience. The goal is to encourage and facilitate the concept of universalism as a way of life that can harmoniously draw together diverse cultures, traditions and identities in terms of a cohesive vision of a human community


Our Mission is to Organize, promote and popularize educational, cultural, social and intellectual events celebrating diversity, intercultural harmony, raise awareness of the blend of Eastern and western culture and philosophy framed on Tagore’s concept of universal humanism, transcendental spirituality and a borderless world. Public programs to attract, educate and inspire diverse audiences will be the core to the activities of Tagore Center.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence” –Tagore

Governing Body

  • Tagore Center Foundation is being funded by Deysarkar Family Trust Fund
  • Asoke Deysarkar and Ruma Acharya came to the USA in late 70’s and they made their future in Houston through generous help from Texans
  • Their son Shion Deysarkar is also intimately involved in TCF
  • The motivation behind Tagore Center Foundation – This project is a small way to GIVE BACK to Houston, to Texas, and to the USA and hopefully produce worldwide benefits
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